“Today when the fashion is for virtual friends,  it somehow stokes our longing for imaginary friends of yesteryear, Martine Roch gives us a poetic and quirky world peopled  with animal headed humans,   who are dressed to the nines.” AZART PHOTOGRAPHY MAGAZINE (France – october 2009)

As an artist I create another reality with antique photographs and photographs of animals  that I take myself. All these images are digitally made, hand colored with Photoshop.

But, first of all, I’m an animal lover. Boudi, the blond Labrador you see on my images is my beloved dog for almost 14 years. She’s now an old lady…

My goal is to bring a smile on peoples faces. It’s simple. My world is rooted in an aesthetic ideal, a nostalgic late nineteenth, early twentieth century

My images are known through the web, and exhibitions in France and in the US.

These images also published on postal cards, note books and other little treasures. They are published in several magazines around the world and can be seen on countless blogs.

I’m also a Getty photographer.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Martine; vous êtes une merveille……..
    I so love your work; I just spent over an hour just marvelling at your art. It brought many smiles, sighs and much happiness. Merci de tout ♥

  2. How wonderful to have stumbled over your wonderful website and blog … I’ve lost track of you and your glorious images over the recent years … what joy to find you again. Yes, your art still brings the smiles!!

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