14 years ago, I fell in love with my dog!

That was in Toulouse (France) at a dog exhibition, 14 years ago. My husband, son and I were looking for a companion dog. We were visiting this exhibition, by a lovely autumn Sunday.

My husband wanted to adopt a bulldog. Me and my son had no idea, we only wanted a nice doggy, our first dog. At that time we had a house with a big garden. The dog was going to be happy, loved, that was our goal. So, we were looking for this bulldog…

Then at the end of an alley we saw a bunch of blonde labradors. They were all adorable and funny. Nothing to see with a bulldog though.

Never mind, we were all seduced by these little puppies. They were about 8 in a little playground. One of them was asleep. As we were chating about how adorable they were, the sleepy puppy woke up and came to me. Directly. You know, just like that. Blinking her sleepy eyes, with her beautiful face. That was it ! Boudi made the choice for us all.

We immediately respond to her natural kindness and joy. She was also the more reasonable of them all!

That was 14 years ago. Since, husband and son are gone. Boudi and I are living together for more than 10 years and we are really “in love”.

She’s getting very old and fragile now. She’s my lady, my faithful companion for good and bad days, my favorite model, and so much more. She’s always with me, in the studio. She’s an inspiration, a muse!

I love her. Forever.

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