Barbie doll is wrong!

I just came across an article on a French website called 24 matins, where they are talking about the wrong proportions of the Barbie Doll.

It’s simply impossible for a woman to get “the same body” as the Barbie doll. This photo is the best demonstration

So many little girls and also women have dreamed about having a “Barbie body”. Well… better to accept what the nature gave us!

This wonderful woman is Katie Halchishick. She the co-creator of Healthy Is The New Skinny.

Her organisation is trying to “think differently about the way we think, talk and live with our body”.

On the same article they pushed the reflexion a bit further wondering what could be Ken and Barbie’s life.

The photographer Dina Goldstein made some interesting photos. Here they are

Where is the dream ?


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