Surreal buildings illuminations – Beaune – France

I had a lovely evening in Beaune (France) last Saturday. A lovely meal at the Brasserie Carnot

Then we went for a walk trough the lovely streets in the center. Beaune is well known for being the capital of Burgundy wines… here is our city tour, with illuminations on some famous buildings

LES HOSPICES : that was an hospital in the middle age. Now it’s a museum.

My favorite part of the tour was the surreal animation on the Beffroi :

This is very difficult to get good photographs as it’s moving… in the dark!

To get a better feeling of the real show, there is a video I found on Youtube :

This is only a part of the animation on the beffroi though…

Some other buildings are also “alive at night” !

If you visit our region during your holiday, Beaune is a pretty good stop.


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